Desktop App Not Accepting App Passwords after 9.1 install


I installed the latest version of Owncloud to our server. version 9.1 Everything installed fine and I can access account from Web Interface. I am unable to use Desktop App to link to cloud using the App Passwords required with the new version. I get the following error message:

I was successfully able to test the Desktop connect to using the test/test for Username and Password. I am unable to connect to my own server although I can access using my admin password from the Web Interface.

I have tried all the Desktop apps Windows, MacOS, and Mobile and I get the same error. Can someone help me troubleshoot this and get my desktop apps connected?

Dr. Shinshuri

Desktop and Mobile Apps are connecting via WebDAV to ownCloud and the login is done via Basic Authentication. One of these two are not working at your environment. All known info are available in a FAQ [1] here at the forums.