Desktop client 2.2.3 released



Hi everyone,

This is a bugfix release and does not bring any new features.
Please update as this contains several interesting fixes :slight_smile:

Highlights from the ChangeLog since 2.2.2:

  • SyncEngine: Fix detection of server side backup (#5104)
  • Sharing: Permissions for federated shares on servers >=9.1 (#4996, #5001)
  • Overlays: Fix issues with file name casing on OS X and Windows
  • Windows: Skip symlinks and junctions again (#5019)
  • Windows: Fix HiDPI display again (#4994)
  • Tray: Add minimal mode as workaround and testing tool for Linux issues (#4985, #4990)
  • Improvements in memory usage (both leaks and general usage)
  • Fix small crashes

Download here (or git checkout v2.2.3):

For discussions or any help in setting up we recommend to try ownCloud central first:

For real confirmed bugs please submit on github.

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