Desktop Client 2.5.2 Release

Hi everyone,

We’ve released our next desktop release, 2.5.2.

Learn here what’s new:

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The new version is already in openSUSE Tumbleweed and openSUSE Buildservice, KDE:Extra repository for older versions of openSUSE.

Hi, I just got notified that a new client is available. Upon next reboot it got installed automatically.
So far, so good. BUT if the client is installed on Windows in a directory (e.g. D:\Program Files\owncloud) that is not the default directory (C:\Progam Files (x86)\owncloud) the update just wipes the directory where the client is installed and installs it into the default directory. This is not acceptable. If this is an update the configuration should not be touched.

This is for client 2.5.2 that has been installed automatically today.
In the meantime I checked and downloaded 2.5.3 manually and installed it in the old location and all is good now again. But as I said changing installation locations should not happen without asking the user if this is desired.

The client nevertheless is working like a charm without any issues. Thank you and keep up the good work.


since some time the client does not sync automatically when the Version of Owncloud on the server is too low. This is a problem when OwnCloud is used as a simple backup system.
I have done 4 updates in a row now and still get the message that Server version is not supported.
Where do you document what version is supported and why do you block synchronisation, is it not the user that has to decide whether an older version is accepted?

If this will be the new policy then I will have to look for other alternatives, my installes are there to meet a requirement from the ministery of finance, I cannot afford that due to an update no more backups are made.


@JanvanLeeuw please update your server to ownCloud 10. You can find out how in the docs:

Keeping software up to date is crucial for file integrity and security – if software is outdated, there can be unfixed bugs. That’s why you should always upgrade your software when there is a new version.

Because earlier versions are not maintained anymore, only ownCloud 10.0.0 or higher is supported . So if you encounter such a message, you should ask your administrator to upgrade ownCloud to a secure version.

An important feature of the ownCloud Client is checksumming – each time you download or upload a file, the client and the server both check if the file was corrupted during the sync. This way you can be sure that you don’t lose any files.

There are servers out there which don’t have checksumming implemented on their side, or which are not tested by ownCloud’s QA team. They can’t ensure file integrity, they have potential security issues, and we can’t guarantee that they are compatible with the ownCloud Desktop Client.

We care about your data and want it to be safe. That’s why you see this warning message, so you can evaluate your data security. Don’t worry – you can still use the client with an unsupported server, but do so at your own risk.


I am the administrator. Also I am over 30 years in this business, so I know a bit about it.
I was and am very positive about owncloud, the software itself is super.
I use it to backup financial stuff, and in the world of finances it is just inacceptable that a sync is plainly shutdown as was done with the client. Notifying is OK but shutting down is just not done.

I used to be head of the ICT of a hospital, so security is one of my favorite themes. OC is however not insecure if only used to backup some compressed files over HSTS, even if one does not immediately update.

Remember what we used to say “if it aint broken do not fix it” the updateritis in this time is just not good for stability. Consider all versions of Linux - Apache/Nginx - Mysql - PHP and software like jquery or all other parts one need to run a webapp/website. There are some thousand possible combinations, that is not good for stability.

I have this install on version 10 now, but you might reconsider how to get a stable situation that last 1 or 2 years, in the early days we had systems that ran 5 years or more like DECVaxes, with IBM-system up to 15 years without problems, nowadays one is happy to have one year without major problems.



@Elfmeterversemmler @JanvanLeeuw @lefherz

Hey, i’m not sure if it is recommended to discuss such topics in an announcement thread of a minor release. Maybe the posts can be split into separate threads.

For the problem of @Elfmeterversemmler i think it could even make sense to create a bug report.

Sometimes a “minor” change can have serious consequences, I think one should realise that.
If a sync for the backup of a load of POS-systems breaks, you have a serious problem.


maybe there is a little bit a misunderstanding here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had tried to point out that this discussion is (in my opinion) not specific to the announcement of a “minor” release 2.5.2 of the desktop client (which this topic is about) because this behavior seems to have been introduced with 2.5.0 according to:

So i think a separate topic for your absolutely valid concerns might be a better place to discuss these.