Desktop Client - Copy instead of Move

Currently while using Desktop client, if a user moves a file from the owncloud folder on their desktop to a local folder other than owncloud the file is removed from owncloud. is it possible to set the configuration so that action of moving a file, copies the file instead?

This is not planned in the short term.

When the folder is shared read-only, then the file in the sync folder will be recreated after it was moved out.

Could you provide some background about your case? What is the real-world problem you’re trying to solve?

Hi Michael,

Prior to moving to Owncloud, our files were all stored on an Apple AirPort Extreme and were accessible to everyone on the network. In addition to saving files on the drive, users had access to template files, which they would drag over to their local folder and they would be copied over.

This is not possible currently with ownCloud since dragging any files from within the ownCloud folder will move them and not copy them, the user needs to actively choose to copy and paste or use a shortcut function to copy them over. While I understand that this is expected behaviour, it becomes an issue, if the user accidentally moves a file instead of copying it and it disappears from other user’s folders and needs to be restored.

A few times this also happened with folders and it becomes a big headache as some folders contain gigabytes of data.

Unfortunately, I am unable to restrict user permissions as all those who are accessing the data need to be able to add, edit and delete.

I hope this clarifies things.

Thanks in advance,


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