Desktop client does not connect to owncloud



If possible choose a subcategory matching your languageI have Owncloud 9.1 installed on a centOS 7.3 server which works correctly from the web browser and from the smartphone app. The problem comes when I try to connect to the server from the desktop application (mac windows) this will not connect showing a connection error rejected by the server ....

Failed to connect owncloud to
Error downloading https: //xxx.../status.php - server replied: Forbidden

Probe to enable mod_rewrite apache2 and add the .hacces as they say in the documentation this did not solve the problem.

Any idea what may be happening ...


Clientes de escritorio no conecta con servidor owncloud

If the browser and the smartphone app is working then you're most likely using an outdated version of the sync client which is blocked by default from accessing recent ownCloud versions.


It is obviously using the latest version available.
Any solution to this ...


Nothing is obvious if you don't provide this information. :rolling_eyes: See the following thread only posted a few days ago where some one had used 1.5.4 released 3 years ago...

Fix your webserver to not block the access of the sync client. The FAQ category has some threads about such issues.