Desktop Client doesn't move files rather then download them


we've got installed the desktop client on 10 computers and they work pretty got with it besides one client.
If someone moves a file on another computer they appear about a half a minute later in the original directory. They are still in the target directory as well.

I've found out there is one client which doesn't move the files as it does the other client. This client loads the files up in original folder in the cloud. If I quit this client it is possible to move the files on any other client and the files stay in the target client.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the problem client and downloaded all folders from the cloud again but the problem still exists.

We are on a hosted ownCloud server.

ownCloud Version: 10.0.3
Client Version: 2.3.3
Windows 7 64bit on the desktop computers.

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Did you check the time in this strange client? Anything else running on the client which might touch files = setting mtime?

The time is set correctly. But it is on Windows not Linux.

How does the log file on the client side look like when this happens?

You mean the logfile when I start ownCloud with owncloud.exe" --logwindow?

or press F12 while running. Yes. For analysis we need the snippet during the reproduction of this issue.
Ideally also the server log file from the same time.

I tested the situation on another computer. I configured the same account on the client there. And the problem was the same.

It is obvisouly not the installation of the client rahter then the server, I think. Am I allowed to sent you the clientprotokoll and serverprotokoll by private message? I don't want to share them public.

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I created an issue. It seems to be a problem on the client side.