Desktop client keeps resyncing.. this cannot be normal?

I think my client (or server) is broken and something is in an endless loop.

When i see my client in the windows task tray it says:
"ownCloud: Sync is running"

and what it does if i watch it -- and by watching it, i mean i open the application and go to the first tab where it shows the owncloud repository and my account.

It will start out by saying:
(for a few seconds)

then it says
Checking for changes in '.....' (goes through all folders)
so it seems to check all of the folders

then it will say:
0 second(s) left, 0 B of 26 MB, file 0 of 1

.. that really looks funny and tells me something is strange?

then it does nothing for a few minutes.. i think it times out. note my server is healthy.. i can run a constant ping to it no problem the whole time. then it says in red in the application

No connection to ownCloud at https://xxxxx connection timed out

then it says "connected to https://xxxx as [user]" and the process starts all over again.

it keeps doing this over and over. forever. for over a month.

i had a similar issue on another PC. my fix was to delete the owncloud local repository and recreate it. but my repo is 339GB. that is a lot to go over a home internet.. I really cannot keep doing that.. please help with this


can you provide some background information about your setup?

Like what version of ownCloud do you use, what version of the desktop client, what operating system do you use?

Also, you can open a log by pressing f12 when the sync client is open, and it could provide some informations


Thank you for the response.
The server is running on a linux server, version 10.0.4
the client is a windows 10 PC version 2.4.0

I went into the log hitting F12.. thanks for that tip.
Is owncloud then supposed to get very slow? It is extremely slow and the "Log Output" window keeps saying "(Not Responding)"

I can see from the CPU that owncloud client is using a single core and it is maxed out at 100%.
it is going ridiculously slow... I will just let it run, i guess, and see if i can get a full log and "save" here at some point.

Is there an easy way to rebuild my client? Can I uninstall owncloud, reinstall from scratch, and then point to my files and then let it sync? I really want to avoid having to redownload 339GB.. and also there might be some files out of sync and i would like it to fix that. is that a viable quick solution?

Ok. it finally finished a cycle.
So what is happening is it is working very slowly..
and finally, in what appears to be the same area, the connection times out.
It is approximately 325 seconds after the prior line in the log file

01-15 17:45:13:823 [ warning gui.account.state ]: ConnectionValidator already running, ignoring "myloginID"

.. i am guessing there is a 300s timeout somewhere and that is causing this?
Where can I find document on this? I found a URL referenced over two years ago.. but that URL does not work anymore. This seems to be my problem.. my desktop client keeps timing out. please advise.. this must be very common?

It's very difficult to read your text because of so many questions, can you tell me what exactly you want to achieve?

Hi dmitry,
By looking at the logs it seems client is disconnected after approximately five minutes at the same time during synchronization. I believe this must be related to some time-out value on the server that kills an open connection.

How do I increase the timeout?
I went into php.ini and also .htaccess for owncloud and increased these timeouts:

max_execution_time 3600
max_input_time 3600

I also increased the sizes and memory:

upload_max_filesize 8196M
post_max_size 8196M
memory_limit 2048M

Can you please tell me what else I should change that could be causing owncloud to time-out during synchronization?

Did your measures help ?

No. Same situation. Do you have any suggestions?

I have the same issue after upgrading from client 2.3.6 to 2.4.0 on my Opensuse Tumbleweed. Client syncs for ages without any change on the files and gets disconnected before finishing.... Reverting to client 2.3.6 and everything works as expected. No change on the server side, this is a pure client issue.

What is the call that times out? Is it a PUT or a GET? or something else?

I am experiencing a similar issue with client 2.4.0 under Ubuntu linux 16.04. I am using MySQL for the database. My client starts to sync and I get this message: "Syncing 374MB (0 second(s) left)" during which one of my 8 cores is at 100% usage for all of eternity until I kill the process. I have several thousand files in my cloud totaling around 65GB. As of this moment I am unable to synchronize and any help would be greatly appreciated!

I suggest to those experiencing this problem do the following:
Use the command line client owncloudcmd, e.g:
owncloudcmd --trust --user xxxxx /home/xxxxx/owncloud

This will display verbose information and ultimately complete by exiting the program.

One thing that I noticed in doing so was the exclude list under /etc/ownCloud and /etc/owncloud-client

I renamed both to _sync-exclude.lst

followed by:
touch /etc/owncloud-client/sync-exclude.list
touch /etc/ownCloud/sync-exclude.list

to create empty ones

I chose to have no exclusions because I am using owncloud as a way to share all files between systems and although these are legitimate masks for "useless" files I want to know that all files from computer A make it onto computer B. Secondly, it should reduce computation by not having so many regular expressions when syncing files. Just my 2 cents.