Desktop client will not wakeup after computer sleep

I’m using ownCloud desktop client on a Windows 10 machine. Just recently, I think after an upgrade on the client, when the computer wakes up from sleep mode the client will remain disconnected from the server and will not try to reconnect and sync back up. The only resolution is to quit the client and then re-open it. I’ve been using it for years and never had this issue. It is happening on multiple desktops as well. Is anyone else having this issue?

I’m facing the same issue, even with latest 5.2 client. For me at least the issue already came up at some time with 4.x client, but not sure when exactly. I’ve attached relevant parts of the log after waking up the machine from sleep mode, but can’t see why it fails in detail. Interestingly the client does not always get stuck after waking up the machine. Guess it could be some kind of race condition with the network coming up (again), but no detailed idea.

Is it worth to wait for / expect to get this fixed in upcoming client version 6.0?

oc-client.log (7.2 KB)


i don’t think that the ownCloud community can help with such issues directly in the software (i think this could also the reason why this topic was not answered so far).

If the Desktop client has an issue after the system was put into sleep then i think it would be required to create a new issue over here (maybe there is even an existing one?):