Desktop files checked but deleted

Some users are experimenting missing files and folders on their desktop clients. These files and folders appear checked on console tree and can be seen via browser. So they exist but for some reason disappear from desktop.
The only way to recover from this is to uncheck all on console tree and check it again.

Client version: 2.3
Client operating system: windows 8

Server configuration
Operating system: ubuntu 14.04
Web server: apache 2.4
Database: MariaDB 10
PHP version: 5.5.9
ownCloud version (see ownCloud admin page): 9.1.4

Hi @fbassas! Thanks for reporting! I'm currently trying to debug some behavior that looks like what you're describing here.

One question I need to ask is if under those folders that your users need to check-uncheck in order to recover include their child sub-folders but empty.

Apart from that, do you have any client logs from unsuccessfully syncing clients? that would be really helpful to try to determine the cause of the issue.

sometimes include empty child folders, and something disappear from parent and all the descendants.
Client console does not show any specific messages about deleting files; it reports sync to date.

Hm, yeah. Can you try running a sync from scratch (you can pause the activity of the original account and add the same in a different folder if that's more convenient) and capture the logs of that? Are the files being downloaded and then removed? or just not downloaded even though the parent folder is selected for the sync?


The problem is it is something I can not reproduce. Files and/or folders disappear from desktop suddenly.
Yesterday a user report me about actually deleted files. In that case, files had been deleted from desktop and from real disc and user had done nothing.
I am not sure if that has something to do with our issue.

You really need to check your server logs to investigate. :slight_smile:

Just grep for the directory names which had problems

Hi again,
today has happened again. Some desktop clients (windows an linux) have stopped synchronizing some foldes, all of them in the "Shared" folder.
We use LDAP as user backend.
In server log file we've only got "lost connection to ldap server" from this clients; no lines about particular files.
We make ldap backup every day at 02:00 am, which stops ldap server for a while; that's the reason for the messages.

Some info was provided already here:

It's happening to me right now.
In my linux client I have some checked folders that are missing.
I've restarted the client and nothing has happened.
Any easy way to make them appear again?

I am experimenting this right now. So please I would appreciate suggestions to make it files appear again in desktop clients (which they are checked but don't appear).

What should help is to provoke a change in the folder(s). This can be done by a touch of a file or putting a new file into such folder either client or server side and then it should sync. We are preparing a command for that, but its not yet existing will be available in 2.4.

First I have created a file at server side (inside data files) and nothing have happened.
Creating one dummy file using web browser in one of the missing folders have done the trick; it has triggered a cascade update and all the missing ones have appeared.

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Updated to owncloud 9.1.5 and fixed secondary ldap server issue, but users still complain about missing files in their desktop clients.
The "create new file" trick not always work.

Could you do a occ files:scan all ?

Thanks for your suggestion. I am going to try it.

Regarding to "occ files:scan all" I tried once some time ago, and I noticed if user has not logged in and didn't have home directory yet, it created it. That was a problem because we have thousands users and more of them don't use owncloud, and we don't want unused user directories.

It is still the behaviour?

@fbassas i am not sure if this is still the case, you might just want to rescan the folders of your users that complain about lost files because a files scan all would also but your server under high load for hours when you have thousands of users.

@Kawohl I have looped among existing directory data names with single occ files:scan sentence.
Let's see what happens from now.