Desktop - Initial Sync, very slow

We are rolling out OwnCloud to our user base along with new laptops. Owncloud (10.5) is working well in conjunction with the desktop client (2.7.6). We have about 100 users who are trying to sync 1.7TB of data in 2 million files. We are using VSS.

The problem we are having is that the initial sync is taking anywhere from 5-7 days. Our Windows drives are mounted as local on the OC server.

We have two ideas to speed this up (both ideas assume all users have the same network rights).
Idea 1 – Do the initial sync for User 1. On User 2’s computer install the OC Desktop Client and then quit OC. Copy the contents of User 1’s OC folder (about 1.3G) into OC 2’s folder including the db, db-shm and db-wal files. Seems like a long shot but any chance this will work?

Idea 2 – Clone Laptop 1 after the initial sync is complete. Edit the following lines of the desktop config file:
0\user= 0\FoldersWithPlaceholders\1\localPath=

And lastly, we recently installed a Univention server to test. Is there a way I can move my users to a new server without doing the initial sync all over again?

Thanks in advance.

We tried both ideas on a subset of our data - here’s what we got.

Idea 1 - copy the database from user1 to user2. Worked but did not get any performance improvement. Took about the same amount of time to do the initial sync.

Idea2 - Tried changing the user name and associated data in the config file and the windows registry. Owncloud client crashed on each occasion.

Anyone have other ideas on this or how to transfer a user to a new server without resyncing everything?

Thank you.

Perhaps @TheOneRing has some idea?