Desktop Sync Client 2.5.1 released

Hi everyone,

It’s weekend soon… and so maybe a good time to download and deploy the latest update for our desktop sync client :slight_smile:

2.5.1 comes with fixes for the virtual files feature, the improved faster discovery, OAuth2 and quite some more.

As usual you can also download the special testpilotcloud branded theme that works independent from your usual client config.

Markus (for the ownCloud desktop sync client team)


Has the i386 client been deprecated?

The OSB repo for Debian 8 no longer has any i386 packages.

The new version 2.5.1 is already available for openSUSE users from the KDE:Extra repository:
and it is on it’s way to Tumbleweed:

Thanks to the desktop team and ownCloud in general for driving innovation!


Linux 32-bit got deprecated after 2.3.x:
Desktop sync client 2.3.3 released

2.3.4 is the latest supported version for 32-bit Linux:


Interesting. This leaves me slightly confused as to how I have owncloud-client:i386 2.4.1-9083 on one of my 32 bit hosts. :rofl: