/dev/mapper/owncloud--vg-root 90% of usage

Hello all.. Checking my OC server via webmin i founded that the local disk space was almost full

checking the OS, running a "df -h" i confirmed that /dev/mapper/owncloud--vg-root is taking most part of the space

a few days back the local disk space used was 10gb. Nothing has been changed so far.

Can anyone point me what could be happening here?

Thanks in advance.

I think as an admin you should be able to use df / du to see on your own what is using that much space on this mentioned partition.

thanks for your answer. I Finally find out what was going on. We have all our data uploaded to a storage server (via SMB) but the pictures cache still using the local storage. A user added 11.8 gb of pictures (their size are about 15mb each jpg). is there a chance to limit the cache size or anything simillar?


I don't think this is possible.