Develop using Owncloud with visual studio?

Hello, there

I am creating a developing environment by using Owncloud lib (owncloud-sharp-master from gitHub) and visual studio. My OS is windows 10.

I received the following error message: CA0001 : Typ "System.Net.IWebProxy" has not been found in Assembly "RestSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral".
, if i was running owncloud-sharp-master in visual studio.

Could anyone tell me, how should i solve the problem and help me?

Thank you very much!

cheers, Carvin

I guess it is best to contact the author of that lib directly on github.

Thanks for your answer! I have already the solution of that problem!

Thank your for watching!



Do you mind to share what the solution is?

I just added the System.Net to the reference of my project and the error is gone.

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