Development of an history app

Hello Guys,
I and some other business partners are planning to implement an owncloud-based document cloud for some of our clients.
The problem is we need a functionality or an app that is able to record usage histories. The following list provides you some examples of such history records

  1. Log when e.g. a user logs in and download or view a PDF Document
  2. Log when a user delete, modify, create, etc. a file

The plan is to send this usage statistics over REST to a custom web server application to perform some business reports and evaluations.

So for my understanding, we have to develop an own owncloud app.

My question now is, is this technically possible to implement this functions with an app and how much effort do you guess it will take to develop it?

Thank you very much!

Yes. Those functions exist in the ownCloud Enterprise Edition. The audit/log app provides this. They are ownCloud commercial licensed. But you can try them out at If this works, please send me an email with a more detailed proect description so we can work something out for you.

You could also try to use and see if its compatible btw

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I think it is… Give me a moment, I had seen another similar activity log resource, trying to find, than I will share with you guys.

did you get it run ?