Difference between Microsoft 365 and Office Online Server (OOS)


I am evaluating owncloud Enterpise for possible purchase.I am in the 30 day trial period still.

I have a running instance working with our internal Office Online Server (OOS). With OOS we can only edit documents using the webclient and not the “real” Word or Excel apps.

If we use owncloud Microsoft 365 integration will we be able to use the fat clients to colaborate on documents (the same way we can do with Onedrive)?

Thank you in advance

Currently there is no difference in this regards, please reach out to sales@owncloud.com … for the fat clients (as long as they still exist) we need to join the MS CSPP+ program which we might do in the future. Of course the 0365 web clients are more feature rich then MS Office Online Server which was last upgraded in 2018 and got mostly security fixes since …


Thank you for the reply.
Actually I already contacted sales, and I am waiting for OC to enable a cloud test instance to check O365 integration. (It would implicate costs to enable the integration in our on-premises test instance, just to check this feature).

Maybe I understood incorrectly, but I was told that indeed we can edit documents with the O365 Word and Excel clients and not only with the web clients, so the oposite of what you are saying :frowning:

I’ll see when we receive the test instance, and will update


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