Differention version between occ status / webinterface

I got a mistake with the version that appears on the server's side, and on the webinterface side.
It's a fresh 9.0.0 install, which one is upgraded too 9.1.1

Here's the result with the occ command :

root@tempvm:/var/www/owncloud# php occ status -V
ownCloud version 9.1.1

here's the result on the page status.php :

Finally, on bottom of the administration page on the web interface, the version is too.

What's wrong.. ?


you probably have made a mistake and tried to migrate 7.0.4 from the Debian Repositories to the ownCloud repositories and havn't followed the instructions provided here:


Thank you..

In fact, I follow that link : https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/owncloud_9-installation-on-debian_8/
It's a new server, and I download manually the 9.0.0 version, so.. I never install previous version before.. : (


the version 7.0.4 won't appear magically on your installation so you (or someone else) had installed that version previously.

Solved now,

I install a new server and follow your link.
Must I flag this tiopic as solved ?