Difficulty Exclude Files and Folders

Good afternoon.

I have Owncloud running, and I'm having difficulty with some folders and files.

Version: 9.1.2

When I access the Web, I see Folder and Files that have already been removed from the file server, but it still appears on the Web. When I try to remove it, I get an error. "There was an error deleting the file" PART 21.pdf "."

Log: 179.243.159 - - [26 / Jun / 2017: 12: 41: 10 -0300] "DELETE /remote.php/webdav/Customers/C%C3%93PIAS/PARTE%2021.pdf HTTP / 1.1" 423 1182 "-" Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit / 537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome / 58.0.3029.110 Safari / 537.36 "

How do I get this file or folder straight into Mysql?

Thank you.

How was it removed? Just on a file level - then you need to run an occ scan.

It seems to me that file corrupted. I was able to remove straight into the bank as follows.

Select fileid, storage, path, permissions from oc_filecache where name like 'PART 2%';

Delete from oc_filecache where fileid = 367002;

How should I use the occ?

I could be a quite good idea to use a current / stable version of ownCloud first: https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest9.1