Difficulty locating ownCloud configuration and data folders in VMware virtual container.

Background: I downloaded a VMware virtual container from the ownCloud official website, named “univention-app-owncloud-VMware.zip”. After configuring it, I can access it normally using the client and manage it through the web page.
Goal: During the configuration process, the directory for the user data on the server was not set by me and is most likely in the default location. Now, I want to change this location to somewhere else, such as a mount point for a storage device.
Challenge: I have searched the internet for a lot of information and found methods, especially modifying the ownCloud configuration file, but I cannot find the configuration file.
Confusion: I tried to open the default path mentioned in the official document, “/var/www/owncloud/config/config.php”, but I cannot find the ownCloud folder under the “/var/www” directory, so I cannot find the configuration file, let alone the data folder. Additionally, I tried to list all the software packages using the package manager but couldn’t find any package named “ownCloud”.
Can you tell me the reason?

You can create a config report in the web page, where you can see things like “datadirectory”.
This has the default location /var/www/owncloud/data , so in your case it will probably be folder1/folder2/owncloud/data or something similar. If you have this path, you can try to go to folder1/folder2/owncloud/config and see if this contains your config.php
Create config report: Retrieve Log Files and Configuration Settings :: ownCloud Documentation


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