Direct access to a subfolder of during public main link

I have a share link for a main folder. Under this folder 1-n subfolders can be created. However, these should not be released by their own release link, but are actually accessible via the release link of the main folder.
Is it possible, however, to jump directly to a subfolder by means of a parameter in the share link?

The share link for the main folder is: https://…/index.php/s/bdZAPWd8Y5XIU1N

Direct access to subfolders e.g. with
https://…/index.php/s/bdZAPWd8Y5XIU1N?path=/subfolder/subfolder2 basically works if you are already logged in.

If you are not yet logged in to OwnCloud and call up the link, the login screen appears and you end up in the main folder. However, I would like to land in the corresponding subfolder after logging in.

Is it possible to get direct access to a stored file without having to explicitly share it, i.e. simply through URL parameters in the existing share link?


There is no login required, this is what public links are made for.


Thank for the answer!
But we use public links with password required!!

Oh, sorry. I wasn’t aware of that.

So it seems that there is no solution :frowning:

Hi Arnfried,

for public links without password this is working with a link share like https://localhost/owncloud/index.php/s/0EM7HxxV2OJ0RWp?path=%2Fsubfolder

for password protected links there is a redirect to e.g. https://localhost/owncloud/index.php/s/0EM7HxxV2OJ0RWp/authenticate where the initial path variable is not passed.

IMO there should be a redirect to https://localhost/owncloud/index.php/s/0EM7HxxV2OJ0RWp/authenticate?path=%2Fsubfolder and the backend should handle this properly.

I consider this as a bug since without authentification this feature is working, I’d recommend to open a bug report at Issues · owncloud/core · GitHub

Obvoiusly the issue was filed: Direct access to a subfolder using public link with password · Issue #40130 · owncloud/core · GitHub for sake of completeness :slight_smile:

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