Direct URL to reset password

Hi there,

we are looking for a way to provide a “reset password” link to new users, such as:

The idea being, that we want to create new users and give them a link where they can reset their password to something they choose. It is complicated to explain to a new user that they first need to enter a wrong password before they get to see the button “Wrong Password. Do you want to reset?”.

Is there anyway to at least have this filed show on the first call to “login”?
We have tried:

to trigger the appearance of the “Wrong Password” field, but no luck…

Any help / hint would be greatly appreciated!


could it be possible that you are running an outdated version of ownCloud? I’m asking because if i’m understanding the following release notes for ownCloud 10.0.10 (the recent ownCloud version is 10.3.1):

you can already send an activation link to newly created user to allow them setting their own password.


Thanks for pointing that out, Tom!

We are indeed on 10.0.3, so we would have to update then and recreate user accounts.

At least it would be a solution :slight_smile: