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Lately, it often happens to me to access my Owncloud server and instead of presenting the classic login screen, a "Start update" button appears, pressing it does everything correctly. My “problem” is that I would like to disable this automatic update function and make it manual because this causes the server to become unreachable when it needs to perform this update by blocking the backups I make overnight. Some advice?


i don’t think that ownCloud server is doing any automatic updates on it’s own. At least i haven’t seen anything like this in the past few years i’m using ownCloud.

But maybe you are using the package repositories of ownCloud? Then i think you would need to check the manual of the used package manager how to disable automatic updates.

I am facing the same behaviour.
Whenever the core or an app has an update the login is disabled and also the sync is disabled till when you update. Then the login form is displayed again.
This is related to Owncloud application and is happening with version 10.8 only (never had the same before).
It is running on Ubuntu but I didn’t install it from the deb package

that’s right, we have the same situation. I checked if the packages were causing the problem as tom42 speculated, but they are not the ones causing this problem

I assume you have doubly installed apps. Have a look at this tread.

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Thanks @alfredb but that’s not the case. I am not in any loop with updates. My situation is: if the core or an app have an update then the login screen is replace by a button to start update (before the login!!), the desktop app stop sync and anyone who can reach the homepage can actually start the update.
Once updated the login form appears again correctly

I think this is intentional. The problem is that you don’t know what has initiated the update under the hood. This is what you should looking for.

That’s likely intentional. Both core and apps might need to trigger updates in the DB when they’re updated, otherwise the app or core could crash causing further problems (missing tables or columns in the DB, for example). The update itself is mandatory.

I think there are options in the config.php to control the behavior a bit by upgrading the apps automatically and transparently

@jvillafanez if my owncloud instance is exposed to the internet then anyone can do the update?

Btw, this is something I have never experienced before. Just this last version of the server has this behaviour

Yes, but who cares? ownCloud will finish the initiated updates anyway, regardless of who pulls the trigger. The normal login will follow up, the website-user still has to log in. Just my 2 cents.

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