Disable data upload to local storage


hello all:
I'm looking for a solution that prohibite the creation of a folder, upload files, etc, on the local Owncloud storage. For security and backup reasons we must have all the content located on SMB folders (those folders are being created at the same time the user is created). But some users still uploading content and creating foldesrs on the local storage.

Is there a way to disable the creation of folders and files locally?


You can set the default quota for users to 1 MB. That way they can't upload or create anything bigger than 1 MB locally, and have to upload everything on your external storage.


Excellent... i would definetly do that...

Is there also a way to limit the quota for external storage?


You can even set the quota to 0 or use a guest user. The quota for external shares is determined by those. There is an idea born to maybe do a quote setting on every share, but thats just an idea and far in the future.