Disable encryption when file size is large than 3GB (using object storage)

Hi guys,

I'm using object storage to store all users' files, user will spend a lot of time to download a large file(e.g. ISO file).

Normally, a downloading request will make the server firstly get the file from object storage, then decrypt that file, finally send the file to user, right?

I know the decryption process doesn't cost much time, but encryption will make file size increase about 30%, it means downloading a 3GB file might actually cost time as much as downloading 3GB + 3GB*30%(from obj storage to owncloud server) + 3GB(from owncloud server to user client) data, am I right?

So wondering if I can modify a bit source code to make this happen? disable encryption when handling large file.
I have a 3 months PHP experience... If it isn't very complex, can you point out which files I should working on, thank you very much!

You can always use a separate external storage mount without encryption. You can put large files there.

If you want to exclude certain files from encryption, it's perhaps better to select the file type. Perhaps there is a large backup file (>3GB) that you want to encrypt.

@tflidd thanks for reply!

how can I change source code to exclude files from encryption according to file type?

It was just an idea. I don't know how to do this, you need to wait for a developer or contact them via #owncloud-dev channel on freenode: https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=owncloud-dev