Disable owncloud storage

Is it possible to completly disable the owncloud storage?
I only want users to be able use external storage because I want to enable on our company's
windows file server link sharing possibilities.
Now I've set a default quota in owncloud of 10kB to prevent users from saving data to owncloud itself.
But then there's a confusing message the the storage is full.
So I would like to disable local owncloud storage at all. Is that possible?


No, but I think your way with default quota would work. Have you tried uploading a file and checking your home dir for that file?

do you mean this confusing message? :smiley:

What a pity. That would be a nice feature request..

This message:

Please have a look at the guests app - this app allows the creation of guest user which have no own storage.
Externally mounted storages can be shared with these users.

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