Disable password reset with LDAP auth

This question has been raised on the other forum, here, but the only solution offered was to modify some lines of code in OC core, which is hardly a solution.


  • I use LDAP for authentication on OC 9.1.
  • It's against institutional policy to allow an external app to change user passwords.
  • Therefore, I need to disable the reset password feature, and ...
  • disable user's ability to change password on their preferences page.
  • My preference is to replace it with a message and link to the site where user's can reset their password.
  • It seems like this should be a feature built into the LDAP admin section: (1) a checkbox to disable password reset, and (2) a text field to input a custom message.

Great point, if it does not yet exist as a feature request, please open this in the LDAP repo: https://github.com/owncloud/user_ldap/issues after 10.0.3 release we might have a chance to look at that. Right now changing the theme/frontend is the only option. In any case we will not make the password change happen as we don't change it in LDAP.