Disable Sync for special folders, so that the users can only drop files over webinterface

Hello all,

is it possible to disable sync for special folders, so that that they could only drop/get files over web interface ?


I don’t think so, but you can create a file drop link.

Hi Dmitry,

the use case is that the user could donwload and upload the the files over owncloud web interface but not be able to sync this folder with an owncloud client (windows, mac, or ios) .
I’ve found a feature in the Enterprise Edition (File Firewall) , could we control it over the rules of this feature ?

By the way we don’t have public access to our Owncloud , it is behind VPN.

But we would like to disable syncing for special folders and make it only accessible over the webinterface.

Yes, in file firewall you can create a rule, that if the access occurs via desktop client - the access is forbidden.

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Thank you a lot !