Disabling authentication

Is there a way to disable the authentication for Owncloud?

For an internal setup we'd like to run Owncloud without having to provide credentials. Naturally that's not an usual use case for Owncloud, but I'd still like to know whether it's possible to configure it in that way.


I actually don't know how this would be an option. This use case is somehow akward....

I mean there is the demo-version of owncloud: demo.owncloud.org

Have you found the solution please ?

Solution -> Don't try to use that as it is not possible to disable authentication in oC as it makes no sense at all.

I want to integrate it in another website. So the authentication will be managed in the other website and disabled for owncloud that's why

It's not directly possible (there are probably ways to hack around this) but if it's only to make files available, you can use a sharing link for a folder. Except for a demo, what is the use case?