Disabling chunked file uploads


I’m currently running a ownCloud Server version 10.1 and would like to disable chunked file uploads.

I’ve consulted the manual about how to achieve this, but with no success. Is it possible? And if so, what must I do?

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Hi manadav,
I was able to turn off chunking by running the following occ command:

occ config:app:set files max_chunk_size --value 0

and setting a temp folder in the apache php ini.

upload_tmp_dir = "/tmp/php"

Afterwards I had to make sure the folder is owned by the apache user and restart apache, then it seemed to work:

chown www-data. /tmp/php
systemctl restart apache2

The last two commands might be different on your system depending on your distribution, I was using Ubuntu.

I tested whether chunking was still enabled by checking the two folders /var/owncloud_data/$ocuser/uploads and /tmp/php while uploading a large file.

Can you let me know why you’re trying to do this?


Thank you for your response!

I’m running a kind of “middleware” between the client and the server which is inspecting the files which are being uploaded. When the files are uploaded in chunks it is hard (impossible?) to determine if a file is allowed or not.

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