Docker Compose configuring s3 external storage

Hi, trying to setup private ownCloud server using official docker-compose yaml. I would like to configure it with s3 as a primary storage by following the instructions from:

Is it possible to amend the config.php file inside the official ownCloud docker image while using docker-compose?

Hi, there is a set of OWNCLOUD_OBJECTSTORE_ environment variables available as described in base/ at master · owncloud-docker/base · GitHub to configure object storage for the container.

Thank you! Will check this out. :slight_smile:

Applied the available configuration in docker-compose.yml but OwnCloud server won’t start, getting this error:
Error: Class 'OCA\ObjectStore\S3' not found in /var/www/owncloud/lib/private/legacy/util.php:115

Configs for s3 that I used version tag is “10.10”:


Is it possible that remote s3 object store is not available in community version?

Looks like we use an outdated value for OWNCLOUD_OBJECTSTORE_CLASS as default… Can you try to set it manually to OWNCLOUD_OBJECTSTORE_CLASS=OCA\Files_Primary_S3\S3Storage?

I might find some time to look into it during this week. Btw. what S3 server do you use?

Sorry for the delay, this should be fixed now

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