Docker compose example of OCIS without traefik?

I’m trying to setup an OCIS server for testing with a locally hosted S3 style object storage. I’m not exposing this to the internet while testing and would like to avoid setting up traefik at the moment. I used the S3 docker compose example but cut out all the traefik stuff. I’ve been able to get OCIS to start up without error in the terminal and when I visit ‘localhost:9200’ in my browser I get a blue stylized background. But, it redirects to what I think is supposed to be a login page and no fields ever appear. If I look at the console output in the browser I see cors errors. It is trying to load a remote resource at “https://localhost/themes/owncloud/theme.json”. Is there an easy way to set this up without all the security or am I better off setting up a domain and just letting traefik do it’s thing?


Linux Mint 21 (ubuntu 22.04). The latest Owncloud docker image as of Feb 19 2023