Documents App in Owncloud 10

My customers are using the documnets app in owncloud 9 for editing and viewing word documents. Now if I upgrade to 10 it doesn't work anymore. The app itself is sadly unsupported.
Does anybody know an app that does the same thing just in owncloud 10?


have you tried collabora?

I tried setting it up, but it didn't work
is there a good setup guide for collabra?
I have my owncloud behind a proxy and it makes things comlicated
is collabra a free app?

Collabora is free but it's complicated to set up. It's not an app, you need to have collabora running on your server, like Microsoft office, and then use an owncloud connector app to connect owncloud to collabora.

I made a copy of the server and installed OC 10 and Collabra on it.
now I get this error message when I open open office : cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate

Documents app beta is still available in

You can test it and or modify in your app: the

that allows 10.0.

The app is not anymore developed. You can fork it and make the improvements by your own.

About Collabora (Free version) you are allowed to 20 connection. if you need it for more users you purchase support.

thanks for the advice.
I tried it. Adding the app to OC 10 works but the app itself does not. Not the same way it does under OC 9.
it gets an eternal load screen and it cannot find the files


I was trying to import the documents app in oc 10 and got the same results as you.

And as for collabora - I asked around and it's an enterprise feature.

The thing is - ownCloud is a file sync solution, all the apps are extra. Apps come and go as people are interested in them and / or have time to develop them. As for now there aren't enough people with free time, knowledge and will to develop the documents app, and a few others. If you are interested in the app - you can help.

So sadly documents app is gone, for now. You could go back to owncloud 9 though. Would that be an option for you?

I'll have to. I kept my productive OC on 9 just in case the apps don't work with 10.
Thanks for the help

I was reminded of something cool.

ownCloud has an Appliance, and you can use collabora with the Appliance for free.

either here :

or here: ownCloud X (10.0.1) Server Appliance

You just need to download the appliance, start the virtual machine and you can use collabora.

Here is how:

If you have any questions, I am here to help you :slight_smile:

Edit: Collabora has some limitations: "limited to 20 simultanous documents and 10 simultanous users."

i decided to use only office It's free