Documents keep getting stuck on sync in IOS

Does anyone know of a solution to fix a problem with documents being stuck syncing with Owncloud on IOS?

We have several iPads that seem to keep getting hung on sync. The OwnCloud icon remains blue with the white arrows like it is trying to sync. We have closed all apps and tried rebooting the iPad with no luck. The only way to fix it is to delete the file from the device and re-download the from server.

Just curious if anyone has experienced this problem and if they are aware of a fix or workaround.

Which iOS and app versions?

IOS 10.0.2 and 10.1.0
OwnCloud 3.5.1

Not reproducible here (iPad v10.1, oC 3.5.1). But with your description, it seems to be a problem with the local DB.

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The problem seems to be intermittent.. We dont have the same problem on Android or PCs.. Only IOS.

We are also opening the documents using Adobe Reader if that helps..
We open Adobe Reader and then open a template PDF file that we fill out.. We then resave back to owncloud.
Intermittently during those steps it seems to cause Owncloud to hang with the Blue Circle.. Many complaints on this.

Does anyone have any solutions or suggestions?

@charles.bragg, if you still have this issue, try with the latest 3.6.2 iOS app.

If the issue persist try to remove the app and install it again, and if you need more help please open an issue in the iOS repository with more details, thanks!