Does ownCoud handle exclusions?

We were Cubby users and need to migrate b/c the Cubby service has been canned (effective Oct 2016).

Key question - does ownCloud handle exclusions in shared directories? If so, how?

That is = folders and files which aren't themselves synced, though nested within synced files. Example, a directory where items beginning with a hyphen aren't synced:

  • Committee-meeting (synced)
    ◦ Agenda.pdf (synced)
    ◦ Minutes.doc (synced)
    ◦ -Reasons-I-hate-this-meeting.rtf (not synced)

  • -Fundraising-secrets (not synced)
    ◦ Money.pdf (not synced)
    ◦ Tips.pdf (not synced)


ownCloud can exclude files based on pattern explained at this documentation: