Don't have permission after installation


I have a problem with ownCloud server which I have just installed. When it comes to server administrating I am noob therefore maybe I didn't do something which I should. I read the FAQ section and it seems that everyting is fine. I installed ownCloud using automatic installation feature called "Installatron" (my server provider provides it). Therefore everything is made automaticaly. When I log into my ownCloud server (as admin) I can see some files and folders ile Photos, Documents or ownCloud manual. But when it comes to deleting it or uploading files it says I don't have such permision. I bought the iOS ownCloud app and downloaded the desktop program - same situation. Is there any noob-guide how I can fix it and what should I do after the installation?

Thanks in advance.


have you considered to contact the support of your hoster. They might have some experience as they are providing this package.