Doubts about owncloud community and oracle

Dear community of owncloud,

I have some doubts about using oracle and owncloud, community version.

According to the web , community version is under the license Agplv3. the community version can be downloaded from github, it supports Oracle through oci module.

Can i use oracle database Without infringing the community version license?

What exactly does "Oracle DB support" includes in the enterprise version?. I mean, Can I only use Oracle in the enterprise version? or Can I use Oracle with both versions, but just get support in case of problems with the Enterprise version?

Why community version supports OCI if you can't use Oracle Database?

Thank you all.

PD: Some links

The first comparsion links shows:

Supports the use of Oracle Databases with ownCloud.

which means that you can't use an Oracle Database in the Community Edition because this support is not included in the Code. If you want to use an Oracle Database you need to switch to the Enterprise Editon.

Why community version supports OCI if you can't use Oracle Database?

"Supports the use of Oracle Databases with ownCloud." Maybe it means, you get addititional support (or any kind of support), o new php files to improve Oracle usage, or sqls to optimize querys.... From my point of view the sentence "Support the use" doesn't imply that you can't use Oracle in the community edition.

Community version supports Oracle, you don't need nothing more than the AGPLv3 code. Because of the AGPLv3 license, you can't restrict the use of that code in a different way the AGPLv3 license says.

That's why I don't understand the "Oracle DB Support" in Enterprise Edition or what kind of infringement you do if you choose oracle with community edition.

There is no OCI support in the community edition:

I have a owncloud 9.1.4 community with Oracle DB working ( only for testing purpose) without any change or addition in the code. So the support of Oracle is included in the AGPLv3 code. Obviously I'm using oci.

Let me clarify this: from a technical point of view everything is included in CE to run ownCloud on oracle.

From a support point of view we cannot support any issues which are raised with CE on Oracle.

Which license issue do you see? I can't follow. You use AGPLv3. PHP-OCI is PHP license. OCI is please explain the doubt you see.