Downgrading from old ownCloud Enterprise to Open Source



A few years back I mistakenly installed the Enterprise edition of ownCloud and have never updated it. I now want to a) downgrade to the open source version and b) update to the latest. It's rather old, at version 5.0.28, and the client now nags me daily to update.

Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to do this? Is there an upgrade procedure or would it be easier to just 'delete and reinstall'?

I'm running it on a Windows server, if that makes a difference...

Thanks in advance.


The last version with Windows support was OC 7.0 which is no longer maintained. Migration between Windows and Linux is a bit problematic, then to migrate up to OC 9.0 you would have to upgrade to all intermediate major versions (5.0->6.0->7.0->8.0->8.1->8.2->9.0).

I would install a fresh setup on a Linux version, then you can migrate all data (calendar, contacts, ..) to the new setup.


@tflidd I'm also curious about this. We are running ownCloud Enterprise 9.0.2 on ubuntu linux. Is it possible to migrate the enterprise version on Linux to the community version? The only other issue would be the branded apps that we currently have, and I assume we would have to shift clients back to the standard sync app provided by owncloud. I think the largest issue there would be the default "sync" folder would have to be manually linked to the old location, or moved entirely.



Unfortunately, on the forum everybody uses the community version. I think we had a similar question before, and migration from OC enterprise to community version was possible (can't find it right now) if both systems are run on Linux. So normally, you have to ask the enterprise support. They also provide standard and enterprise subscriptions ( so there should be a migration strategy.

Without enterprise support, you can't use the enterprise tools to create your branded apps. I would expect the old apps to still work however, there won't be upgrades to these. So rather use the normal owncloud-apps or do branding on your own (it's possible for desktop clients however a bit more complicated without the enterprise tools).