Download archives as zip files instead of tar

Yes it’s been discussed before… yes there is a snarky remark by the devs…

and yet still… macos defaults to archive downloads in tar format… it’s old and outdated… zip support is fine (believe me ;-I ).
Also I sometimes send archives off to other people that don’t use a mac.

Make download archive type zip by default, an option in the settings or selectable before download…

it is really annoying

What is the issue here? All my instances create zip files when downloading more than one file.

As in the (well not really) linked issue above (5287), if you download multiple files on a MacOS devices a *.tar file is created. As was the case in the issue (5287) years ago, this is stilla nuisance and should be changed.

I wasn’t aware of the fact that downloads are treated differently. Sorry.


while your input sounds legit, I am afraid that developers would not read it here. I’d recommend to open an issue at Issues · owncloud/core · GitHub

If this functionality is vital for you and you have got access to your ownCloud server you may patch Streamer.php core/Streamer.php at ffc3c40b5b0a7693818dc03b485f12794920fad4 · owncloud/core · GitHub where you replace this line with
private $preferTarFor = [];

This is only recommended when you really need it and keep in mind that you’ll have to define an integrity check exception and that your changes will be lost by upgrading ownCloud.

Not a solution, but a possible workaround, at least for web browsers, could be using an add-on for faking the user agent.

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