Download files from External Website



I want to create a download link for a file. And I want the link to be accessed by a particular WordPress website only (as download now Button) which is on a different Domain. Mainly I don’t want that link to be accessed directly.



this either:

  1. needs to be handled on webserver level by blocking access from anything else then the WordPress site
  2. by using the Enterprise Edition and the following Feature:


Thanks for your reply.

in the link provided , it tells about users. But what i want is LINK.

Say if i provide a download button on WordPress Website so visitor can click on it to download file. but on other side i want that link should work only from that download button only.
If any one copy that download link and put directly in address bar it should not work. That is how i want it.

I know i might need to to use FTP kind of thing or something like that.

Mainly i want my visitor able to download files directly from my wordpress website, those files which is already stored in OwnCloud. Without adding my visitor as user in Owncloud.
But for security reasons i don't want them to access files through download link which they get in download history, after downloading files.

Is this possible with OWNCLOUD


No, this is not possible with ownCloud (and also not with any other software providing a similar functionality like ownCloud).

The only way for ownCloud to know if the user trying to download this file via a link from your blog would be evaluate the referrer sent by the client. And this can be easily manipulated by the client to download the file by direct access.

What you're trying to achieve is technically not preventable. So i think its better to rethink the strategy how you want to provide this downloads.