Download from Web Browers UI is INCREDIBLY SLOW

Downloading files through the web interface (via firefox 47.0.1 OSX) is tediously slow. With a download speed of 60mb/sec, I get around 100k (if I'm lucky) download speed from OWNCLOUD. I just spent 48 minutes downloading a 242 MB file.

(screenshot of previous download, same problem)

Is there something wrong?


you can put that file into the webroot of your webserver and try to download from there. Then you see if its just an issue of your server or ownCloud.

Please also provide more info about your environment, available bandwith on client and server, used versions (webserver, oc, etc) and so on. Currently even the basic infos about your environment are missing.

FYI: I am doing this for work... I have no control over where files are placed, as I am downloading them in NYC and they are uploaded in India. They are using OWNcloud as a replacement for FTP server.

I only have access through web browser... there is literally no other information about my "environment". I'm accessing through Firefox (version 47.0.1 on OSX). That's it. I have no control over anything else. I'm just wondering why it's sooooooooo slow (when I know it's not my bandwidth.. see image in previous post) and if there is anything I can do about it.


i don't think that there is anyone able to help here with the few infos provided. Try to contact the operator of the server which might be able helping you to debugging this.

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If this ownCloud is hosted at home via a private DSL line, this could be the normal speed to expect. With traceroute and others tools, you can figure out if the server is located at a private home or at a datacenter.

by the way, this looks like ownCloud version 6, if the admin didn't change the interface manually (get the version: This is slightly outdated and should be upgraded. Just in case you contact him anyway :smiley:

Let's close this here. The server admin needs to take a look at the system.