Download link generation fails

Steps to reproduce

  1. Upload a file.
  2. Go to “public links”
  3. Click “create public link”

Expected behaviour

It should open the share form.

Actual behaviour

Instead of share form you just see “Cancel” and “Sharing” buttons and both doesn´t work:

Server configuration

ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install:
Older ownCloud

Where did you install ownCloud from:
Using official updater.

Insert your browser log here, this could for example include:

Uncaught TypeError: this.$el.find(…).select2 is not a function
at child._afterRender (sharedialogmailview.js?v=e11c43f85c866ad213f935af8e6edeb5:197)
at child. (sharedialogmailview.js?v=e11c43f85c866ad213f935af8e6edeb5:62)
at executeBound (underscore.js:701)
at child.bound [as render] (underscore.js:733)
at child.render (sharedialoglinkshareview.js:270)
at Object.adjustDialog (sharedialoglinkshareview.js:367)
at Object. (jquery.js:3256)
at j (jquery.js:3099)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.js:3211)
at Object. (jquery.js:3263)

After renaming select2 to just select javascript function start to work and I can generate download links, but email still not working.


I am confused. In the title of your post you have a problem with generating public links. Then you write that something is wrong with email. I don’t see the connection between those two.

Check my fix, I just patch by myself “sharedialogmailview.js” because it was the cause of the TypeError, after patching the share form started to work but mailing the URL is not possible.

I am sure I am not the only one with this problem. I have two ownCloud servers avaliable (both Debian) and both servers are affected with the same issue after upgrading.

From what version did you upgrade?

Also, did you use the web updater for that upgrade?, using web updater.

To me it looks like that this is something which should be reported to the ownCloud bugtracker.

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I have the same issue on my Debian.
I followed your suggestion to switch select2 into select and the form started to work.
Though it’s still unable to send links by mail.

This is indeed a bug.

Feels the same issue.

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Exactly, this was my rationale to mention that the issue should be reported to the ownCloud bugtracker :slightly_smiling_face: Luckily it seems that some one else did that already in the quoted message above.

Yes, they already found the issue and pointed out a better workaround different from changing the code.
You just have to turn on the “Collaborative Tags” app in order to make it work.

There’s a problem for the inclusion of a JS library that will be fixed in 10.0.9. :+1: