“Download Logfile” is not available

Hi all. Hope someone can help me with this issue. We upgrade OwnCloud from version to , by result no more option to download the log file (“Download Logfile” is not available).
Settings -->> General -->> Log

Thanks in Advance


  1. How bis is your log file?

  2. Can you confirm that it’s still there and has the right permissions?

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the download button on my own ownCloud installation is still there:


I think this could be the reason for a missing button. If the upgrade wasn’t done correctly and with the wrong user the owncloud.log file could have wrong permissions and ownCloud isn’t able to access it anymore. Maybe ownCloud is then hiding the button?


if i’m understanding the following code correctly the button is also hidden if the log file is empty:

I think it is not related to your question but still think that this requires an update to the most recent ownCloud version 10.4.1.

I guess in general few MB for a log but the size would not be a problem. We tried it as an admin which has all rights, otherwise no way to get access to it.

Yeah, but by selecting any type of log, the service should run in background to save the log as requested. The only problem is missing download button.

Only admins are allowed to download the log file as it contains security relevant information.
Can you please confirm that the account you’re logged in with is an admin account?

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Yes, sure otherwise and as you mentioned, no way to get access to such a service.


my owncloud.log is empty for example since a longer time because ownCloud doesn’t log that much if it is working correctly. As i think i have previously mentioned the download button will be only shown if ownCloud can read the logfile (or it’s size) and the file is not empty.

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