Download v2.4.3 client for macOS

Why is there no archived v2.4.3 of the client for macOS?

I’ve seen the similar post of another user who was referred to the archive at

However whilst there are loads of macOS versions in there and indeed a Windows version v2.4.3 there doesn’t appear to be any macOS version.

This is a particularly major issue as this was the last version that supported server version 9.x and I cannot upgrade to 10.x because it’s painful to run on RHEL7 given the requirement for newer PHP libraries - bit of a version mess frankly given that RHEL7 is still a major, current linux release…

Anyone know where I can get v2.4.3 for macOS otherwise I’m totally screwed…


It’s in there, but you’re right – difficult to find:

That said, it’s quite possible that 2.5.1 still works with server 9.x but just spits out a warning to get users to upgrade.

Brilliant thanks Michael - life saver!