Downloading a password protected shared file from commandline

I've looked at many different resources, trying to figure out how to do this, but I haven't had any luck - I shared a file and I have a URL in this format<file ID>/download

and it is password protected. How do I use curl or wget to download the file?

I have files I want to allow others to download directly to their Linux machine instead of them needing to download it on their machine then moving it to their server.

I was looking at some examples and they mentioned the use of webdav to do it, but I wasn't able to figure out the correct way to set this up.



you can access public shared links via WebDAV and curl like explained here:

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Alright thanks, I got it. It looks like this:

curl -u "<share token>:<password>" "" -o <filename>


What shall I do If only password is needed ?
curl -u “’’:‘test123’” “” -o wowfile
I tried this but didn’t work

basically user credentials are not required but just a password.


it seems an example was given previously how to access a file from a shared link which is protected by a password:

I have shared a password protected file and have the pubic link for it.I am unable to download using the command
curl -u “share token:password” “https://xxx/yyy/remote.php/dav/files/hhh/” -o abc.csv