Downloading and uploading multiplie files

Hello everybody!

I'm interested in the ability to download or download many files at once.
At the moment I'm communicating with Owncloud through Webdav from
external PHP app on another from Owncloud server

As far as I saw in the Owncloud, this is implemented by ajax call on client side and
PHP hadling on server side, but i need to do this through Webdav or maybe somehow in another way but
as the saying goes "remotely", from another server (using PHP)

is there any existen REST apps or webdav endpoints with such implementation?

any thoughts or advice will be very useful

thanks in advance

There is no Webdav API for this nor any REST API for this. You might need to cheat like pyocclient does and use the ZIP download, see:

thank u for the feedback

it's sad to know :pensive:

So if I understand correctly

1)That python library uses authorization and receives the zip as well as via the web interface
in usual browser?

2)Uploading multiple files implemented through first local uploading all files then in a loop there is a load remotely through webdav calls?

3)Theoretically, I can create a REST app in the cloud to implement the functionality I need?


Bulk file up- and download don't have any benefit compared to single operations from my pov.

What is the use case?

Agree, but customer of such functionality argues that he needs to upload or download hundreds of small files
without sending hundreds of requests, that's it.

besides similar functionality is already implemented through the graphical interface of the browser using ajax calls so I'm interested in the same but only in remote style.

so I'm wondering whether there is such a thing or whether it is possible to implement it in easy way (eg. webdav or rest app points)

The UI is performing single requests for each. And to compare with other APIs like s3 - there is also no bulk upload or bulk download. :wink:

I understood and wrote about that in my second post :slight_smile:

If there is no this functional then why? maybe this is completely wrong, again I would like to hear why.
It's just a desire to get some help and explanation. And if it is possible to implement this, then just about how, for example, to write your rest app or something else

many thanks