Downloading calendars into iCal

In the past, I would backup my calendar each month by clicking the download icon. It would take me into iCal with a popup window asking if I wanted to import it. I always clicked Cancel, because I was simply wanting the backup file.

Something changed in ownCloud where it no longer gives me the option to cancel the import. It automatically starts doing it. How do I go about just downloading the .ics file for backup purposes?


The a.m. behavior is not due to ownCloud, but because of macOS. You can chose (at least in Safari) not to open downloaded files.

There is no option, even within Safari, to not open the downloaded files. The focus goes from Safari, right over to iCal, where it instantly starts importing.

Does anyone know of a workaround? I don't want to import .ics files into a calendar that already has the data.

How should ownCloud be able to workaround a limitation on client-side (Safari / iCal)? If you need support for such issues its probably the best to contact a community dedicated to Mac OS X.