Drobo Upgrade to OwnCloud 10.xx

I’ve just installed OwnCloud on my Drobo. It was one of the offered apps in the Drobo Dashboard and being keen to reduce my reliance on iCloud (from Apple) I got a little excited.
After installing the server side and getting it fully functional I began to install the clients on my laptop and desktop machines and saw an error “The server version is unsupported! Proceed at your own risk.”
Obviously this was a little concerning and I began looking for ways to upgrade my Drobo to v10.xx. Though the Drobo dashboard the latest version offered is

My question is twofold. Is there anyway to upgrade the Drobo version to 10.xx and as anyone done it?

Things that give me hope:
The underlying engine in the Drobo is Linux, so maybe it is possible through the shell via SSH.

Hi there,

This is definitely something you’ll have to get in touch with Drobo support for, as the underlying system will need to get a PHP update (7.2 is currently best, until oC 10.3 comes out with PHP 7.3 support) in order to support newer versions of ownCloud.

I guess you’ve also already seen the following thread in the Drobo support forums:

It looks like the build pipeline of the drobo apps is based on Ubuntu 14.04…


Thanks for your reply, I was kind of hoping that somebody on the OwnCloud community had tried this before I committed to testing it myself. Another option for me would be to install the OwnCloud server on my MacServer and mount the Drobo as a normal share.
Will give it further thoughts.