Drop file and automatically get download URL with password (e.g. by a command line)


Hm, quite propably this has been asked before, well, using Google I couldn't find a solution.

I need to provide an option to drop a given ZIP file from a Windows PC (preferrable without OwnCloud Client installed) to an owncloud Server and to get or generate a password protected download URL at the same time.

Background: For transfering larger data amounts withouth the need of large email attachments, these shall be ZIPPED (using 7zip), dropped to some Windows Server with owncloud client installed (UNC SMB path). That's easy going.

Then I need to share that file for download, and the download URL and password required to access this file shall be dropped to the clipboard, so that that information can be placed to the email unsing "paste".

Everytime such a file is shared, it shall "receive" a new, not guessable / browsable URL and a new password.

Any suggestions appreciated, maybe some totatly different approach is available, I'm not aware of?

Regards, Rudi.

Why not use the Outlook Plugin?
Main challenge today: generate a password that is not yet available server side ...


thanks for your reply.

Honestly, I wasn't aware of an Outlook plugin so far. I've sketched that approach, because the files shall be ZIPped for easier handling anyway.

If there would be a possibility to simply

  • Drop the file to some folder within a Windows Dropbox folder structure
  • create / retrieve a non guessable download URL
  • optional: Protect the download with a password

... would be really great and easy to centrally monitor and handle all the stuff.

Regards, Rudi.