Drop Folder/USDA.gov account

CloudVaultUSDA.gov account. Can I provide non CloudVault clients with "Drop Folder"? I want other to allow people to upload images even though they don't have a CloudVault account. I found some instructions but not sure if they apply to the type of account I have. I have no idea it this is allowed or if my account is an "enterprise" account. Thank you in advance Linda

I guess you aren't the administrator of the server...

First, contact the administrator as he'll likely help you better. If the application is available, he should be able to guide you in order to setup your own drop folder, otherwise there isn't anything to do.

If you're the server administrator, check if you have the community or enterprise version. For enteprise, you should be able to contact with ownCloud's support. As far as I know, the "drop folder" is for enterprise only.
However, newer versions (at least ownCloud 10.0.4 - 10.0.8) has something almost the same available for the community as well, so you can try to upgrade the server to the latest version. In any case, make sure you have backups in case something breaks.

Hi Linda,

as Enterprise account I would be good that you contact (or better your administrator) ownCloud support: support@owncloud.com

As @jvillafanez said the newer version has the drop folder function for CE and EE versions.