Dropbox not syncing


I have a Owncloud Server 8.2.2 running nginx with php5-fpm on Debian 8 and I have multiple problems using the Dropbox connector!

Sometimes, when using the owncloud Client, the Dropbox folders don't get updated.
I logged into the account via the owncloud webpage to browse for differences between Dropbpox and Owncloud and suddenly the files got synced.

Logs don't show anything at all...just the normal web requests and so on (sometimes a curl timeout for Dropbox)!

On another account I have multiple large tif files which I want to sync to the destop client, which fails with the following log entry:

2016/02/04 12:50:30 [error] 4148#0: *43 recv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading response header from upstream,

To get the sync working at all, I had to raise multiple php timeout values, memory limits and allowed child processes to ludicrous amounts.

I am behind an 20Mbit sycronous line, so downloading 100MBs worth of tiff files should not timeout at all (atleast not with sane timeout values).

What is also bugging me, is that the files have to be downloaded from dropbox every time I access them in the owncloud webservice...which is feasible for small files, but not for files >20MB

Isn't it possible to download the files to the owcloud server and only update them, if there are changes...the desktop client seems to work this way with Dropbox shares...just ist't seeing the changes sometimes, which I mentioned before!

Dropbox not syncing
Maybe somebody can give me a hint, what to do, to make Dropbox external shares behave more nicely!

Thanks in advance,


I think ownCloud 8.2.2 is quite outdated.