Dublicates Photos while uploading with Android App

Hey Folks,

I am hosting OwnCloud 8.1 on my Webspace and using the Andoid-App (v2.1) on my Sony Xperia Z5 Comapct with Andoid 6.0.1. I am using the App mostly to upload my photos from the phone to a shared folder. The thing is, which annoys me, that the app is dublicating each photo I upload. So I have two of the same photo on my phone afterwards. I noticed that since some App-Updates ago.

I searched in the options to turn this off, but I didn't find anything!? Does anyone has an idea, why this is happening and how I can switch it off?

According to the following bugreport this should have been fixed with 2.1. If that is still happening create a new bugreport to the app developer there.


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